събота, 8 септември 2012 г.


I fell in love with the south! Saw places, felt lovely things and... I want more. I just realized that I haven't had a vacation (noooo, not vacation... more than 3 free non-working or not-going-to-university days in a row!) since... almost an year? How did I do that? When I was a school student I couldn't imagine how is that possible... I mean, breaks and vacations pass sooo fast, we always wanted more. I'll be having a free week in 20 days - my boss is giving me some free time because I'm moving to Germany. I think I'll squeeze every single moment and take the best of it. Because I won't be having the same chance any time soon.

All photos were taken in Burgas and Nessebar(Bulgaria) during my 3-day trip. I'm planning on doing some more detailed travelling posts, so when I find the time, there'll be more! :)

неделя, 2 септември 2012 г.

Photography feature

I got featured in www.mymodernmet.com with my latest photography project "Scars". You can see the project in my behance profile here and view the feature here.
If you like it and would like to support my work, you can open this link http://anetaivanova2.see.me/onelife2012 and click "collect me" and then register as a judge. I'd be very grateful!