събота, 8 септември 2012 г.


I fell in love with the south! Saw places, felt lovely things and... I want more. I just realized that I haven't had a vacation (noooo, not vacation... more than 3 free non-working or not-going-to-university days in a row!) since... almost an year? How did I do that? When I was a school student I couldn't imagine how is that possible... I mean, breaks and vacations pass sooo fast, we always wanted more. I'll be having a free week in 20 days - my boss is giving me some free time because I'm moving to Germany. I think I'll squeeze every single moment and take the best of it. Because I won't be having the same chance any time soon.

All photos were taken in Burgas and Nessebar(Bulgaria) during my 3-day trip. I'm planning on doing some more detailed travelling posts, so when I find the time, there'll be more! :)

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